beauty review: fenty foundation 

Before we get into this, let’s get one thing straight.

BY NO MEANS am I any kind of makeup/beauty expert. In fact, this is the first liquid foundation I’ve ever worn… like ever (I’ve been swearing by Glossier’s skin tint all summer, and strictly BB creams before that).

Part of my liquid foundation avoidance was a fear of looking cakey… but a more legitimate fear was not thinking I’d be skilled enough to apply foundation without looking streaky/cakey/a different color/other foundation horrors.

That being said, I would still rank my beauty knowledge higher than average… but that’s only because I get lost in beauty guru Youtube videos and my friends ask me to do their makeup on nights out because I can blend out a decent smokey eye.

if Rihanna makes it, people will buy it

Seriously, she could’ve spit in a lipstick tube and sold a million of them. Me included.

Our girl Riri launched her Fenty Beauty line a few weeks ago, and it has been met with RAVE reviews. Social media has been flooded with praises to the crazy diverse shade range, the packaging, the quality, etc.


Because I am trying to be an adult (ha), I resisted jumping in my car and speeding to Sephora to buy 1 of everything. Instead, I did what all advanced-but-not-expert beauty lovers do, and waited for the online reviews to come through.


On my lunch break last week, I figured I had amassed enough intell to decide whether or not I needed it… and the answer was yes.

is post-grad skin a thing?

I know you all are probably tired of me grouping everything not-so-awesome in my life as a “post-grad problem,” but this one might be true.

As I talked about in my post about natural skincare (here), my skin’s not the best, but also not the worst. Summer was good to my skin as usual… pleasantly moisturized under SPF 35 and a glowing tan.

Then, almost suddenly, and possibly due to an overly air conditioned office job, my skin has been extra oily and prone to breakouts along my jaw, which I’ve never experienced before. The breakouts I’ve been dealing with in a different way, which I’m planning to post on soon, but the oily-ness made Rihanna’s promise of a filt’r finish verrrry appealing.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

trial and error

So from my research, I knew that the foundation was medium to full coverage depending on how you applied it, and that it dried down darker than when it is first applied.

And here is where my non-expertise will show. My skin tone is somewhere between light and medium in the fall/winter, and I generally have warm/red undertones (I think?????). For BB creams, I usually am good with whatever “medium” is, but in terms of foundation… especially a line with 40 freakin shades… I was lost.


After standing in Sephora for a good 15 minutes, waiting for a few swatches on my arm to dry so I could check the color, I finally found a free employee and she helped me choose #210.

Now instead of walking you through my week of trying the foundation with various tools and primers to see what worked best… I’ll just break down my findings:

  • the $34 price tag is worth it
    • part of being a non-expert is cringing when spending $50 on a bronzer, even when you have a gift card… but the quality of the product and packaging for this guy is a-okay in my book
  • primer = your friend
    • I haven’t abandoned my love of Glossier Skin Tint… I’m just using it as a primer now!
    • no primer? Definitely at least moisturize before-she needs a base
  • coverage depends on the tool
    • dry beauty blender = fuller coverage… but also soaks up most of the product and might look cakey…. just generally no bueno
    • DAMP beauty blender = ideal!!!! light/medium coverage (but buildable if you want more)… dries down smoother and doesn’t sit in the creases too bad
  • it DOES oxidize!!
    • as mentioned, the color dries down matte and gets a little darker… so keep that in mind when choosing your shade
  • you’ll probably still need to blot 
    • when you first apply it – you won’t want to set it with powder, and honestly doing so might make the product sit funny on your face
    • HOWEVER! it won’t keep you matte forever… so be prepared to touch up throughout the day here and there

final judgement?

LoooOOvvvvvVe it. I have to admit, I was kinda doubtful after the first day or two… but it was really just a matter of trying different combos to figure out what worked best.

Now I just have to try and get my hands on one of those shimmer match sticks : )





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